SNL: Red with White Hearts Dress

SNL: Red with white hearts dress

Zooey wore a number of cute outfits the night she guest stared on SNL (Saturday Night Live). And amongst those was the super cute red with white hearts dress. She paired it off with silver glitter shoes. Might I say I TOTALLY want that dress. She pulls it off flawlessly!

You’ll have to check out these items that are quite similar to her dress.

ModCloth Coeur à la Crème Dress ($84.99)
ChicWish Indescribable Scarlet Dress ($44.90)

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Coeur à la Crème Dress

Coeur à la Crème Dress - $84.99

Indescribable Scarlet Dress

Indescribable Scarlet Dress - $44.90

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