Season 1, Episode 22: Jess in Pink Workout Shorts from Lululemon

Season 1, Episode 22: Jess in pink workout shorts from Lululemon

This is the second episode where we see Jess getting casual and in workout clothes. In this episode she’s wearing pink workout shorts and looking darn cute!

These shorts, courtesy of Lululemon, are the shorts of choice for a lot of yogis. I swear by them because they don’t thin out when you bend over! No peeping Toms here, thank you very much!

Turbo Run Shorts

Turbo Run Shorts

Turbo Run Shorts

These turbo run shorts from Lululemon are the exact shorts Jess is wearing to work out in. These cute little things come in 6 different colors: black, blurred blossoms white, white, deep coral, concord grape and grey. These will be one of your favorite shorts because Lululemon is just THAT awesome.

Pick these up for $54.00.

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