Season 1, Episode 18: Jess Wears A Pink Pajama Shirt with Black Piping

Season 1, Episode 18: Jess wears a pink pajama shirt with black piping

Leave it to Jess to be fashionably inclined even in pajamas! This pajamas shirt with black piping is simple yet super cute at the same time. Although BedHead pajamas has been the go-to place for pajamas, this top comes from Anthropologie.

And I’ve provided the top that is almost similar (if not the one) from the show. And included another option, from BedHead, that is similiar as well.

Anthropologie Henri PJ Top

Anthropologie Henri PJ Top

Henri PJ Top

The Henri PJ top from Anthropologie is the exact top Jess wears in this episode. This super cute top is white with black piping, giving it the extra UMPH! Styled with menswear in mind, this cute little thing will keep you super comfortable while sleeping.

Snag this for only $49.95.



Black Dot Classic Cotton Pajamas

Black Dot Classic Cotton Pajamas

Black Dot Classic Cotton Pajamas

These black dot classic cotton pajamas from Bedhead is another good option from the original. Bedhead has been the go-to pajama place for a few other items as well. This features a dot pattern, unlike the original solid color, but has the black piping like it. Overall another good alternative.

Pick this up for $138.00.



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