Season 1, Episode 18: Cece in a Plaid Work Dress

Holy crap… even in a work dress Cece still looks banging! And she pulls of this Banana Republic dress 100x better than anyone I’ve seen before! Oh, shout out to Nick for e-mailing me about this dress :)

So the original plaid work dress that this ‘sexretary’ wore is the Banana Republic Shortsleeve Plaid Dress that is no long available. So check out this other sexretary… oh, I mean work appropriate clothes that are similiar to Cece’s. You’ll find all these dresses are similiar in cut, but not pattern.

Sophia Lightweight Dress

Sophia Lightweight Dress

Sophia lightweight wool dress

Another option, also from Banana Republic, is the Sophia lightweight wool dress. This dress also features cap sleeves – which are in – that screams retro. Simple in nature, the Sophia dress is perfect for work without being too loud. Simplicity is the key and you can’t go wrong with it!

Pick it up for $150.00.


Diane von Furstenberg Helen Dress

Helen Dress

Diane von Furstenberg Helen Dress

If you’re looking for a designer label similar to the BR plaid dress check out DvF’s Helen dress. This sleek little dress is the epitome of sophistication. Again, simple in nature, this little black dress features a key hole opening at the sleeves giving the dress an extra flair. BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!

Drop $365.00 on this beaut and it’s yours.

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