Season 1, Episode 17: Schmidt Works Out in Nike and Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

Season 1, Episode 17: Schmidt works out in nike and vibram five finger shoes

In Episode 17, Schmidt works out like a mad man. Keeping his body tight, Schmidt graces his little footsies with two (2) big names in the work out industry: Nike and Vibram.

There are tons of choices when it comes to both of these names. I’ve picked the two (2) most similar styles for each shoe. If you get them, tell me how they are!

Vibram Five Fingers Sprint

Vibram Five Fingers Sprint

Vibram Five Fingers Sprint

Vibram is a revolutionary shoe designed with health in mind. Not only does it strengthen your foot muscles, it also gives you a wider range of motion in your ankles, allows your foot to more more naturally, and improves posture. I guess that’s why Schmidt works out in them, right?

Snag it on Amazon for as low as $48.00.


Nike Revolution

Nike Revolution

Nike Revolution in Wolf Grey/Current Blue/Dark Grey/White

The Nike revolution trainer from Zappos is probably the shoe Schmidt is wearing in this episode. Although slightly different in color – Nike sign isn’t the current blue – patterns are exactly the same. This shoe comes in five (5) different color combinations giving you loads of choices for every day of the week.

Snag this for only $55.00.

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