Season 1, Episode 10: Schmidt in a Blue Pullover Sweater and Plaid Shirt

Schmidt in a blue pullover sweater

In episode 10 of New Girl entitled, “The Story of the 50,” we all celebrated Schmidt’s birthday on his amazing (school) party bus thanks to Jess. Now don’t you wish you were apart of that?

Lovin’ Schmidt’s blue pullover sweater and plaid shirt? It’s pretty easy to get, check out these similar items. Gap carries the Non-Iron Gingham Shirt ($59.95) that is similar to Schmidt’s. Finish it off with Banana Republic’s Cotton/cashmere v-neck sweater ($59.50) in blue atmosphere and you have Schmidt’s birthday look. HOLLER!

Get the look

Gap Non-Iron Gingham Shirt

Gap Non-Iron Gingham Shirt - $59.99

Banana Republic Cotton/Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

Banana Republic Cotton/Cashmere V-Neck Sweater - $59.50

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