Season 1, Episode 10: Jess in a Blue Sequin Strapless Drape Dress

Jess in a blue dress

Look out for Jess in a blue strapless drape dress when “New Girl” starts up again January 17th.

You too can get her look. Bloomingdale’s carries the original dress – Aqua Sequin Dress ($188.00). But also check out a few similar items like Lulu’s Star Quality Blue Dress ($62.00) or their Elegant Cyclone Strapless Blue Dress ($64.00). Accessorize with a Sterling Silver Bow Necklace ($87.75) and a headband like Juicy Couture’s Rhinestone Headband ($65.00) and you too can be a blue draped beauty just like Jess.

Let’s not forget the shoes! She has on BCBGeneration Taffi Wedges ($89.00) from Zappos.

Get the look

Star Quality Blue Dress

Star Quality Blue Dress - $62.00

Elegant Cyclone Strapless Blue Dress

Elegant Cyclone Strapless Blue Dress - $64.00

Sterling Silver Bow Necklace

Sterling Silver Bow Necklace - $87.75

Juicy Couture’s Rhinestone Headband

Juicy Couture’s Rhinestone Headband - $65.00

BCBGeneration Taffi Wedges

BCBGeneration Taffi Wedges - $89.00


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